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James Dean at the Katherine Dunham Studio, NYC.

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lily-de-lis inquired:
   i love your blog as much as i love jimmy ( and that is a LOT ! <3 ) just so nice to see that he has still so many fans and that i'm not the only one who is loving a person that died nearly 60 years ago ^^ did u see this video on youtube ? can't send links but it's called " james dean music video" on yt. it's beautiful because i think the song just fits so perfectly with the pictures and with jimmy in general . <3   

thanks so much! me too :) I just watched that video and I agree! ahh I used to love that song when I was in high school… it does fit very well!

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This is Judy. She’s my friend.

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It was great working with her. She has pep, vitality, and all the attributes of a powerful performer. I hope that I can work with her in the near future.- James Dean on Natalie Wood

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   Where can I find that picture of your header without the flowers on his head? :)   
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James Dean and Martin Landau having lunch together in NYC, photographed by Roy Schatt.

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lovesosa2379: Hey love the page and everything, what is one of your favorite quotes by James Dean?

thank you!! this is one of my favorite quotes at the moment:

"But I think, if you’re not afraid, if you take everything you are, everything worthwhile in you, and direct it at one goal, one ultimate mark, you’ve got to get there. If you start accepting the world, letting things happen to you, around you, things will happen like you never dreamed they’d happen."

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okayxdos inquired:
   hey I'm I huge huge fan of james dean! I've seen all his movies and read four biographies on him and just done random research! I was so excited to find this account because I don't know anyone who shares a love of him! I was wondering what got you into james dean and where your dedication came from?   

hey! same here, I had no idea there were so many other people who still loved James Dean until I made a tumblr! I ~discovered~ Dean when I was in college and one of my teachers suggested I watch “Rebel Without a Cause” for inspiration for a project I was working on. I loved the film so much and was fascinated by Dean, so I watched his other two films right away. then when I started to read and learn about his life, I was so inspired by him. I was at a really low point in my life at that time… but reading about his passion for life, experience new things, and expressing himself artistically, it really helped to pick me up and inspire me to live my life too. so yeah, he helped me so much, so I feel like the least I can do is help to spread the Dean love with other fans. :)

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James Dean and Ursula Andress at the Thalian Ball, 1955.

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James Dean rehearsing the final scene of Rebel Without a Cause.

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submission: Where would I find some glasses like Jimmy’s? I’ll worry about the glass itself. But frames?

you can actually buy the same brand that Jimmy had, by Tart Optical. the only thing is that they are quite expensive… but if you look around you can find some similar looking ones, like on Warby Parker.

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oldfashion-ed inquired:
   " #hahaha [lights self on fire] " OMG. I just love you! So funny. (:   

hahah oh man, thank you… as you can tell his face existence just makes me kind of irrational

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James Dean in “The Unlighted Road” 1955.

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   Hi! I was wondering if you have noticed the impact Jimmy's performance in East Of Eden seems to have still today. I've seen countless actors reference the movie as one of their favorites along with Dean's perf as one of their favorites. I feel its bc he really was the first teenager onscreen during the Old Hollywood era that people could really relate to. Its such a beautiful and raw performance imo. And the movie has held up incredibly well and is so timeless. Love your blog btw!   

hey! yes, I agree with everything you said! I always have to remind myself that Eden was his first starring role in a film, because his performance is just so amazing (plus he was nominated for an Oscar what whaaaaat) I think the 50’s showed a big shift in film, especially for the teenagers, and Dean was a really big part of that. and like you said, the story itself is timeless because it’s really about relationships and good vs evil, and thats something people have and will always struggle with. and even though the film is set in the early 1900’s Dean still looks so cool and modern. ughh I love it <3 oh and thank you very much!

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