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James Dean and Jim Backus on the set of Rebel Without a Cause.

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lana-del-slay-world: Thank you for being so amazing. You’re what keeps Jimmy’s spirit and legacy alive and strong. Keep up your hard work 😘😉

thanks so much! that means a lot to me! :)

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James Dean photographed by Roy Schatt.

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fahrenhi inquired:
   Take a look at a picture of jimmy in my profile. I'll post it right now. I just think he's so adorable   

oh I love that one too, I have it hanging on my wall!

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xoxobrennan inquired:
   Do you have a post of the first photo of Jimmy in the unstyled hair question? He looks so adorable!   

yes, here ya go! (and I agree, I love that photo!)

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clarkbogarts inquired:
   Do you happen to have a picture of Jimmy with his hair unstyled? I've been searching for it a while and I'm not even sure one exists. Thank you :)   

he really didn’t style his hair (or put in any effort with his appearance lol) unless he was filming. his hair was naturally kind of messy like that?


because Kazan said when they made East of Eden that he didn’t style Jimmy’s hair because he wanted it to look ‘untamed’ like the character of Cal. in Rebel his hair was styled, but I read that they had to constantly hair spray his hair between takes because it naturally kept sticking up in the back


so yeahhhh in a lot of the photos of Jimmy slumping around NYC and in Fairmount, taken by Dennis Stock, he normally didn’t do his hair (Stock said Jimmy often showed up late, messy and unshaven, lol)

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teen queen james dean

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somekindofhero inquired:
   can you link to the picture you see when you hover over your blogs icon, if you havent already??? omg   

hahah sure, I’ll post it :)

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James Dean photographed by Sanford Roth, 1955.

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tobisb inquired:
   Whats your Favorit qoute from james dean and picutre?   

there are a lot of quotes I love, my favorite changes depending on my mental state, lol. right now my favorite is: "I really don’t know who I am, but it really doesn’t matter."

and it’s impossible for me to pick a favorite picture too! but this one by Sanford Roth is one of many favorites :)

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it’s all over, the world ended.

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mydrizzyjustin inquired:
   Can you help me giving me a list of words that describe Jimmy? It's for school   

the first ones that come to mind: talented, unique, determined, curious, sensitive, artistic, passionate, progressive, adventurous, philosophical…

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