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lovesosa2379: Hey I remember James Dean did TV shows if I’m not mistaken, do you remember any where he was romantic?

there are some romantic moments in these ones (I just included ones I could find on youtube):

The Unlighted Road

The Big Story

I’m a Fool (with Natalie Wood)

A Long Time till Dawn (romantic but Dean is also crazy, sooo…)


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jacobangelslay: Hello! I’m not sure if you’ve answered this before. (I’m on app and I can’t find FAQs) Do you know Jimmy’s former apartment address in New York City? Im in New York and I want to see before I leave (:

the address is 19 West 68th St. enjoy New York! 

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James Dean and Barbara Glenn

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lily-de-lis: just realized that my grandfather looked in his teen years exactly the same as jimmy in his , hehe

oh myyyyy, your grandmother must have been one lucky lady! hahah

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jamesdali inquired:
   What is your Myers-Briggs type?   


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adambohm: do you think his height was under 5’7? sources are very different

yeah a lot of sources are different, and it’s also hard because he was often slouching. Warner Bros tried to pass him off as 5’10 (lol ok) but I think his drivers license actually said 5’8. but just from seeing him in film and pictures, I feel like he was probably closer to 5’7? and at the most 5’8. for reference here he is standing next to paul newman who was about 5’10.

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James Dean at the Katherine Dunham Studio, NYC.

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lily-de-lis inquired:
   i love your blog as much as i love jimmy ( and that is a LOT ! <3 ) just so nice to see that he has still so many fans and that i'm not the only one who is loving a person that died nearly 60 years ago ^^ did u see this video on youtube ? can't send links but it's called " james dean music video" on yt. it's beautiful because i think the song just fits so perfectly with the pictures and with jimmy in general . <3   

thanks so much! me too :) I just watched that video and I agree! ahh I used to love that song when I was in high school… it does fit very well!

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This is Judy. She’s my friend.

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It was great working with her. She has pep, vitality, and all the attributes of a powerful performer. I hope that I can work with her in the near future.- James Dean on Natalie Wood

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   Where can I find that picture of your header without the flowers on his head? :)   
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James Dean and Martin Landau having lunch together in NYC, photographed by Roy Schatt.

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